Branding notes

Whilst developing our gin we’ve been inspired by our surroundings here in the Tweed Valley, and by the magnificent River Tweed which flows through it.

Having spent many an hour reflecting by its shimmering waters, we wanted to capture something of its nature in our brand and our design.

Blues and greens are the hues of the valley, where tree-lined stretches of the river intertwine and interweave.

Whilst the stylised herringbone pattern colour blocks are a nod to the rich history of textiles production, the the valley, and of the wider Borders. 

These design ideas, expertly articulated by talented local designer Lizzie Cameron, sit proudly on our first release - Meldon Dry Gin, named for the Meldon hills which lie North West of Peebles and look over the valley below.

We are proud of this part of the Borders, and hope that we can do it proud in return.