Our Botanicals

The intent behind MELDON DRY GIN was to create a classic, smooth recipe which would pay tribute to the character of the surrounding Tweed Valley.

Perhaps rather unfashionably, rather than aiming for any flavour-niche, we simply wanted Meldon Dry Gin to be a 'moreish', accessible gin that would appeal to gin afficionados and the less-familiar alike.

To achieve this, the majority of botanicals that were selected for MELDON DRY GIN are fairly traditional in nature - it is the careful balancing and interaction of those within the spirit that imbues our inaugural gin with its own subtle, pleasant character.

Juniper - the distinctive sharp and 'piney' taste of juniper really characterises a classic gin. The Scottish Borders is a region steeped in heritage and tradition and so it made sense for us to really go all out to capture a sense of that within our spirit by adopting a juniper-led flavour!

Coriander Seed - this time-honoured gin botanical compliments the  piquancy of juniper really well with its own citrus notes, whilst adding a subtle earthiness to the spirit.

Kaffir Lime Leaf - OK, it's not a traditional gin botanical but we couldn't resist making use of kaffir lime leaf simply because it is so aromatic and offers a lingering fresh, zesty sweetness while also quietly insinuating their own citrus notes in to the overall flavour.

Black Peppercorn - these sneak a punchy zip in to the tail-end of your sip.

Cinnamon Bark - brings a comforting and warm undertone to the spirit. Cinnamon adds its own unique layer of flavour without interfering with the work of the other botanicals .